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Pat Yourselves on the Back

Lodge Bezalel was awarded for the Highest Percentage of Growth for 2018-2020 Grand Lodge term. The award was given during the Biennial Grand Lodge Conference in Johannesburg, March 6-8.

The award is the harvest of the seeds we planted and cultivated over the past 18 months, led by our Membership Chairs, Bros Steve Tabb and David Weingast, who provided the direction and organization. As a lodge, we nominated and vetted countless prospects and held many new member coffees, bringing in more than 25 new brethren and reactivating a couple more. Most of them were at the home of IPP Wor Bro Barry Simon, but our VP, Wor Bro Gary Fish, hosted a couple, and if we couldn’t find a convenient time, we met candidates for pizza or dinner somewhere.

Had the coronavirus not struck our community, we were poised to initiate six more candidates. We hope they will all be able to join our lodge during the Multi-Lodge Initiation scheduled for May 21 at Lodge Magen David.

As we’ve grown in numbers, our OLM attendance has grown, too. We regularly have 35 brethren or more, including guests. We can cite our spacious meeting place at Congregation Or Hadash and the great food prepared by Wor Bro Yosi Schwartz and Bro Mitch Frank. But the underlying factor, as expressed by Wor Bro Craig Varon, is that “we’re a great bunch of guys who like being with each other.”

Lodge Galil of Houston won the award as the Premier Lodge of the Order. Both awards were accepted by Wor Bro Jordan Barris of Lodge Galil, who was invested as Deputy President of Governing Lodge North America and is part of the new Grand Executive for HOD International. Wor Bro Alan Smirin of Lodge Magen David was invested as President of Governing Lodge NA.

Lodge Dr. Herzl, Johannesburg, won the award for the best lodge newsletter, with Lodge Moledet, Ra'Anana, Israel, and Lodge Shimon Peres, Dallas, TX earning honorable mentions for theirs.

Wor Bro Michael Krasner, a stalwart of the Order, was awarded the Shield of David, the highest award of the Hebrew Order of David International. It was presented to him by his son, Wor Bro Avron Krasner, who was invested as Grand President.

The newly invested Grand Executive is as follows:

Grand President

Wor Bro Avron Krasner

Deputy Grand President

Wor Bro Anton Teper

Immediate Grand President

Wor Bro Michael Margolis

Grand Secretary

Wor Bro Stan Klaff

Grand Treasurer

Wor Bro Les Kraitzick

Grand Legal Officer

Wor Bro Bernard Shull

Governing Lodge of North America - President

Wor Bro Alan Smirin

Governing Lodge of North America - Deputy President

Wor Bro Lawrence Barris

Governing Lodge of South Africa - President

Wor Bro Myron Robinson

Governing Lodge of South Africa - Deputy President

Wor Bro Solly Baskin

Governing Lodge of United Kingdom - President

Wor Bro Laurence Gishen

Governing Lodge of United Kingdom - Deputy President

Wor Bro Stephen Hubert

Representative for Israel

Wor Bro Micha'el Bloch


Wor Bro David Joss

The brethren of Lodge Bezalel joins the other lodges throughout the Hebrew Order of David International in saluting everyone involved with a hearty “yasher koach!”

Wor Bro Lawrence Barris, Lodge Galil, Houston, and newly invested Deputy President, Governing Lodge North America, displays the awards for Highest Percentage Growth to Lodge Bezalel and Premier Lodge of the Order to Lodge Galil.

Newly Installed Grand Executive Members
Left to Right: Wor Bros Laurence Gishen (President Governing Lodge United Kingdom). Micha'el Bloch (Israel Delegate), Avron Krasner (Grand President, South Africa), Stan Klaff (Grand Secretary), Anton Teper (Deputy Grand President, United Kingdom), Myron Robinson (President Governing Lodge South Africa), Lawrence Barris (Deputy President Governing Lodge North America), Bernard Shull (Grand Legal Officer)

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