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Joe Alterman Jazz Concert at Berman Commons Combines Social Event and Community Service

Lodge Bezalel brought the jazz to Berman Commons in Dunwoody, Nov. 3, 2019, with some 40 brethren and their family and friends and 30 Berman Commons residents in attendance. The performance featured world-renowned jazz pianist Joe Alterman, who also serves as Executive Director of the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival, along with Justin Chesarek on the drums and Robby Handley on the bass.

The concert provided an evening out for brethren and friends and family while bringing in world-class entertainment for residents who were not able to get out a venue. We thank Bro Lee Shaffer from Berman Commons and Wor Bro David Weinberger and Bro Paul Flexner of our Lodge Social Committee for making the evening possible.



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