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Learning for Our New Age – Our June 16 OLM (Online Lodge Meeting)

Getting into online learning? Taking online courses for professional certifications or retraining? Need to help your kids or grandkids learn in a new environment? Our own Bro Harvey Brightman will let you in on his proven process – one that’s worked magic for MBA students returning to the classroom after decades in the business world.

Harvey developed his process, which he turned into a course, when he quickly noted that highly intelligent MBA students needed to relearn good study habits. Today, it’s even more important because the learning world for everyone is moving online. You’ll get the chance to learn from a worldwide expert.

Harvey is Regents Professor Emeritus of Managerial Sciences at Georgia State University (GSU).  He received his Ph.D. from the Uni­ver­sity of Massachusetts in Management Science in 1970.  He has pub­lished over 80 articles in the fields of problem solving, compu­ter‑based model build­ing, decision support systems, and teaching for critical thinking. 

Harvey has extensive experience in teaching adults.  He taught the doctoral seminar on university-level teaching at GSU from 1976-2001. Since 1988, he has been the director of the Master Teacher Program, a 3-day intensive workshop that some 1,300 faculty members worldwide have attended.  In addition, he has presented over 120 teaching and learning workshops worldwide for B-schools and universities over the past 20 years and has helped to implement in-house teaching mentoring programs at many universities. He has consulted with Armco Steel, ARCO, Cisco, The Institute for Management Studies, IBM, IDT, Georgia Power, Centers for Disease Control among others. 

The Robinson College of Business at GSU selected Harvey as its 1984 Alumni Distinguished Professor.  GSU selected him as its 1992 Alumni Distinguished Professor, which is given to the university’s outstanding teacher and scholar.  In 1998, Dr. Brightman received the University System of Georgia Regents' Teaching Excellence Award as the most outstanding teacher in the university’s four major research institutions.  He is a Past President and a Fellow of the Decision Sciences Institute, an international academic organization dedicated to the improvement of decision making.

He has authored numerous books, some of which have been translated into languages and are still used today. Lest you think he has no spare time, Harvey is an avid photographer and attends and leads daily minyanim and Shabbat services at Congregation Shearith Israel and Congregation Or Hadash, where frequently preceeds his chanting of a Haftarah with fascinating historical facts.

Join us for a Zoom OLM – Online Lodge Meeting – June 16. We’ll have schmoozing at 7 p.m., followed  by Harvey’s presentation at 7:30. Click here to join on June 16. Our OLM is open to all. Bring your own drinks and snacks – or dinner.

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