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Busloads for Birthright
It's a Beautiful Day for a Bus Ride. Let's Fill Two!

We Only Need $5,000 More - With Triple Matching!!

Busloads for Birthright has been an outstanding success! Led by our Brother Gary Rosenshein and others, Atlanta Lodges raised $1,250 for the Birthright Israel Foundation, but that wasn't all. A huge donation and triple matching has helped the lodges in North American Governing  Lodge roar past our goal of raising $180,000 to fill a bus. We're now in reach of raising $360,000 to fill two buses.

So, let's put the pedal to the metal and fill the half-dozen or seats for the second bus.

Due to inflation, Birthright Israel trips have increased 30 percent, bringing the cost to send one participant to $4,500 and $180,000 for an entire group. The Birthright Israel Foundation has turned to Lodge Bezalel and all the lodges in North American Governing  Lodge to gas up a bus or two. We’re responding with Busloads for Birthright to help power the program and maintain its high-octane energy.

A Huge Success
Since its inception in 1999, Birthright Israel has sent an incredible number of young Jews – more than 800,000 from 68 countries – to Israel including over 115,000 Israelis, many currently serving in the IDF.  It’s largely considered the most successful program in history for building and strengthening ties between Diaspora Jews and Israelis. On returning from this trip, the participants, 18 to 26 years old, become leaders in their Jewish communities, feel a strong connection to Israel and are far more likely to marry within the Jewish faith – a cornerstone of HOD values. They have the confidence and understanding to counter the unfortunate anti-Israel propaganda, such as BDS, that they see on college campuses and across social media.

Don't take our word for it. Read about the successful, highly rewarding experiences of one young Atlantan and learn more.

The Case for Support
Due to the rise in costs and high demand for the program, Birthright Israel Foundation reports there were 32,000 applicants for 12,000 North American spots for this summer, leaving 20,000 Jewish young adults behind. It costs $180,000 to run a bus with 40 participants. While grant money has not dried up, there’s a lot less in the tank. That’s where Lodge Bezalel, the Hebrew Order of David and a couple of local philanthropists are stepping up.

Join Us for the Journey
We’re launching Busloads for Birthright. It’s something of a fund-raising drag race that officially begins right after Passover and runs for two weeks. We’re getting turbo-charged by a matching program funded by Andrea & Mike Leven and Robyn & Doug Ross. Mike Leven is legendary in the business and philanthropic worlds and, among many other awards and accomplishments, serves as an Honorary Board Member of Birthright Israel Foundation, having stepped down from the Board of Directors about a year ago after many years of exemplary service to the organization. Doug Ross is Atlanta Chair as well as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Birthright Israel Foundation. Together, they will contribute up to $160,000, which means we could load up two buses.

Are you on the bus? Click here and go to a special Lodge Bezalel donation page.

Do you have family members and friends who’d like to join you for the ride? Forward this message and have them click on our link to donate with you.

For those who wish to make their donations by check, click here for instructions

Birthright Israel Foundation is listed by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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